Things to know about the Nokia 3310 pushes nostalgia button

In a traditional world many of the people are widely using the Nokia mobile because it is coming with the excellent features and it is also consisting of the amazing design. In case you are looking for the same model phone along with the latest features then Nokia 3310 is the best choice. In fact HMD global is reintroducing the classic 3310 features mobile phone which is running on the android mobile platform. In a modern world many of the people are willing to buy this mobile phone because it is designing with the excellent manner. It is also coming with the different kinds of the colors like red, black and yellow. It is designing with the world best selling features like

  • Lightweight device
  • It is having talk time of more than 22 hours
  • It is also having average retail price
  • It is consisting of the standby time at entire month

This reintroduction is the part of larger rollout which is including at the latest smartphone such as Nokia 3, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 black limited edition and Nokia 5. It is also operating at the Nougat platform ad Google assistant.

Amazing features in the Nokia 3310

Basically Nokia 3310 is comeback in the year of 2017 with the modern avatar and it is coming with the vast numbers of the features which is consisting of

  • Design
  • Camera
  • New color options
  • Headphone jack

If you are familiar with the Nokia 3310 phone then it is coming with the normal design but Nokia 3301 (2017) is coming with the modern and twist design. It is also consisting of the curved screen which is sufficient for reading at sunlight. This new Nokia mobile is coming with the two megapixel camera and it could be considered as the smartest updates at this mobile. At the same time this camera is coming with the LED flash so that is offering only premium quality of the pictures. In a modern world many of the people are looking to buy this mobile because of its camera quality. In 2017 Nokia phone is coming with the quiet impressive battery live and it is manufacturing with the 1200 mAh battery so that it is working for more than 22 hours and it is also having standby time of one month. In a traditional day this mobile is not coming with the headphone jack but now a day it is having this feature. It is having 3.5 mm audio jack and it is also supporting FM radio and other kinds of MP3 player. So it could be the best mobile to hear your favorite music. One of the studies says that many of the people are interesting to buy this mobile because it is offering plenty of advantages to the people. If you are a traditional Nokia user then you might be thoroughly enjoyed snake game because it is providing more joy. This mobile is also coming with same snake game and it is coming with little update which is optimized for the color screen. HMD is committed for spending more than five hundreds billion and many of the people are providing positive feedback to this mobile because of its features.

Things to know about the Nokia 3310 (2017)

In fact Nokia 3310 mobile is releasing in the year of 2017 and it is belonging to the GSM technology. This mobile is also coming with the single and dual sim and it is having internal capacity of 16 MB. It is the most iconic mobile and many of the people are interesting to buy this mobile in online because it is coming with the lowest price. It is consisting of the improved display and it is also containing different kinds of color like red, blue, grey and yellow. This phone is having capability for storing eight dialed numbers, eight missed calls and eight received numbers. Basically this phone is holding more numbers of the phonebook contacts and call records and people might also expand the memory up to the 32 GB with the help of microSD. Nokia 3310 phone is designing with the amazing user friendly interface so that people can easily access this mobile.

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Best Gaming Conventions

It is quite a comforting feeling to find people who share your interests especially when it comes to the fun, light stuff like anime, tech, and gaming. You do not have to be geeky to get into these interests and find your way to the next convention in your area. A convention is a place to expand your network, to expose yourself on the latest trends and games, and to generally have fun with new people. It is a colorful event that showcases professional gamers, enthusiasts, collectors, exhibitors, and other talented people in the gaming world. If you are looking for a new hobby or just want to level up from your solitary gaming nights, consider attending a gaming convention for a whole new adventure.

How It Began

It probably began back in 1967 in Las Vegas when Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debuted. The event was neither public nor directly about gaming but has been considered as one of the pioneer gatherings that highlighted product launches in computers and electronics. The first actual gaming convention was probably pulled off by Gen Con the following year in Indianapolis. They have kept their gaming tradition for 50 years now.

It was, however, not until spring of 1988 when the idea of gaming conventions made its way to Europe through the European Computer Trade Show’s debut in London. The convention only lasted for 17 years with the last one held in 2004.

On the other side of the globe, in 1996, Japan introduced its own gaming convention through the Tokyo Game Show. It was a large trade and expo event that primarily showcased the Japanese gaming industry, while featuring international merchandise and technologies.

Many other conventions followed and have continued to this day to make meetings easier for enthusiasts within a locality and to bridge interested parties all over the world. Most conventions, however, require an entry fee and if you do not have spare money to spend every time one pops in your area, it is better to just watch out and save up for the best ones out there.

Must-attend and Upcoming Events

Gen Con remains as one of the best conventions to attend today. The schedule for 2017 is from August 17-20, still in Indianapolis. Ticket price ranges from $50 – $100 and the event showcases classic tabletop games including board, strategy, and card games. This long-running con has also expanded to include videogames and will be featuring over 500 exhibitors for this year.

The creators of the Penny Arcade web comic are pioneers of another popular and well-participated gaming conventions. PAX currently hosts five different gaming gatherings covering different regions. There is PAX West, PAX East, PAX South, PAX Aus, and PAX Dev which are all worth checking out. The next event in their calendar is PAX East which will be held in Boston on March 10-12, 2017. PAX features tabletop games, exhibits, console freeplays, and even concerts. Even introverted gamers stuck with their handheld consoles are welcome in the PAX Handheld Lounge complete with beanbags and great company from fellow players.

Probably the most prestigious gaming convention there is to date is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. The event is a premier trade show known for game launches and tech debuts. E3 2017 is set to happen in Los Angeles, California from June 13-15, 2017. This event is probably the best gaming convention in the world but is only reserved for industry pros and people who are into actual game business and development. Attendance would require you to pay for a $995-worth ticket plus a connection or two with the big people from the inside.

Now, if you live outside the US or if you have enough money for an international trip, you may check out the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 in Japan or EGX in the UK. TGS 2017 will last for four days with Day 1 and Day 2 reserved for industry and press viewing while Day 3 and Day 4 will be open to the public. The event is scheduled from September 21 -24, 2017. On the other hand, EGX occupies the same event days as TGS and will be held at the National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham. EGX will feature live eSports, pre-released games, indie games, and even seminars by game developers.

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Will porn be big in virtual reality?

An old adage in the porn industry says that consumers follow wherever adult entertainment goes. The success of pornography contents across all platforms, such as VHS, cable television, and the internet, shows that consumers always patronize the adult entertainment industry.

Following this trend leads one to safely assume that virtual reality can be a major hit, if not the best thing that can ever happen, to the porn industry.

This article will discuss the recent and foreseeable developments in VR porn, along with several advantages and disadvantages during its early stages today.

Recent developments in VR pornography

Since 2015, there has been a significant development in VR pornography, headed by the most prominent names in the adult entertainment industry, Naughty America and Pornhub.

Their vision for pornography for the next decade is to leap from 2D, voyeuristic type of pornography, where consumers are seen as a passive audience, towards a more subjective and interactive one. They want consumers to experience porn as a realistic and interactive medium for virtual sex where they are able to maneuver and see things the way the performer does.

VR Bangers has paved the way in creating VR-ready pornographic materials using state-of-the-art VR cameras that are able to capture the sexual intensity of the moment for the performer’s point of view.

From the consumer’s standpoint, a good VR headgear grants access to VR pornographic materials. However, not all VR-related companies are willing to let consumers use their product for VR pornography. Oculus VR has recently barred pornographic contents for the Oculus Rift to prevent potential controversial and unintended uses for their devices. However, Samsung and Google have not yet put restrictions on pornography for their respective devices.

CamSoda, another popular porn website, decided to take VR pornography a notch higher through their VR Live porn. Although there are several more limitations and hindrances when it comes to producing VR Live pornography compared to regular VR porn, they see it as a possible offshoot when the latter becomes completely developed.

The same company is also responsible for the “OhRoma” technology or “nose porn” which uses odor as a sexual stimulant for consumers. They designed a gas mask headgear installed with two canisters that performers can trigger at any point of their act. However, it is highly unlikely that the world will see nose porn develop because of the recent development of touch technology as a viable add-on to VR pornography.

With the zeal and enthusiasm of the adult entertainment in the rise of VR pornography, experts say that VR pornography will be a billion dollar industry, next to VR gaming and VR sports, by 2020.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VR Porn

Disadvantages of VR Porn:

Lack of diversity of content

Most of the recent Naughty America and VR Bangers VR porn video releases predominantly cater to straight male audiences. Statistics show that there are over 13 million American women who view porn at least once a month, and there are not enough quality videos on most of the categories that the female audience visits.

Porn Economy

The internet has over 25 million porn sites; and with nearly two decades of the 2D pornography, it will give a hard time for VR pornography to thrive economically. Basically, performers earn more from 2D porn because, unlike VR porn, it has more audience and it caters to almost anyone with an internet connection.

Complicated setup

This is a disadvantage for the VR porn viewers because of the time and effort needed for full immersion in the material. Simply put, the setup is just not worth it for people looking for instant and quick pleasure.

Initial experience

For first timers in VR technology, the experience can be slightly disorienting—even more so in VR porn. For most people who view porn secretly, it can be hard to split one’s focus between VR reality and outside reality.

Advantages of VR Porn:

Hardware compatibility

Most VR technologies used in virtual reality games and sports require top-end gear for fluid performance. VR porn, however, only requires a high quality headgear and high definition adult video for consumers to enjoy.

Intimacy and immersion

VR porn provides the intimacy and immersion that no other video format can provide. Many people have already foreseen VR porn since the discussion of virtual reality technologies came into forum discussions. Now, it has become a reality, and people say that one will not go back to 2D porn after experiencing the reality of VR porn.

Fulfilling deep sexual fantasies

VR porn gives consumers the chance to experience their deep sexual fantasies or explore and experiment with their sexuality in virtual reality. In this sense, VR porn can be liberating for people who have unresolved curiosities about sex.


Overall, VR porn has a long way to go to achieve the popularity and prevalence of conventional 2D pornography. However, it is impossible to deny the possibility that VR porn will take the world by storm as soon as the adult entertainment industry figures out how to give the best and most enticing virtual experience to its consumers. Dating apps started to take strides into VR. Nude Teens App which is the #1 app for naked teens and teen ass have started implementing VR into their platform. It’s a fee app that lets you receive unlimited teen nudes and teen chat from many local sexy teens. Once VR is more compatible, you’ll surely see this industry change.

Best Cars of 2017

Cars throughout the years have been improving ever since they were first invented. From design to function, a car model will improve on something with every new release each year. Every car wants to be the best for its consumer market. Each automotive company sets out to make their vehicle the most efficient and effective vehicle of the year. Most vehicles are now equipped with the technology to handle the needs of the modern person, such as connection for smartphones. The year 2017 has a lot in store for the automotive industry.

  • The 2017 Honda Civic is bigger than the older models. It sports a hatchback design, which allows more room for people at the back.
  • The 2017 Honda Accord is another product from Honda that has features that are highlighted to be the sedan to buy for this year. It is a comfortable and reliable sedan with noted fuel efficiency for buyers who want to save up on gas. It is comfortable for your daily drive and long vacation drives with the family.
  • The 2017 Kia Forte as a compact sedan has been given a sterner and sleeker look. It has a lower price than most sedans in the market. It has a comfortable interior and good leg room for a compact sedan. It is also noted for its large trunk for a car of its class. It may average in performance but is comfortable and easy to use; it really gets the job done.
  • The 2017 Mazda 3 is noted for its sleek design and great handling. It is known for its good performance among users. It is easy to handle during driving with balanced controls. And, with its strong 2.5-liter engine, it can make acceleration smooth, easy, and fuel efficient. The older models have already been noted for their high road performance levels and the 2017 Mazda 3 has carried on to that name with a much more improved efficiency. With an updated front and rear bumper design, the 2017 Mazda 3 is not only efficient but stylish as well.
  • The 2017 Volkswagen GTI is another sedan that is noted for its performance as a vehicle. It has a strong engine and can accelerate smoothly as you drive. Not only does the GTI perform well, it also is efficient as a passenger vehicle. The GTI is quite spacious for a sedan and has quite an impressive cargo room. It is also fuel efficient and powerful that it rivals the 2017 Mazda 3 in that aspect. This vehicle is powerful and functional with a solid overall package.
  • If an SUV is the vehicle of your choice, there are several choices for you. One of them is the 2017 Kia Sportage. This compact SUV is known to have great balance and good handling. The interior of the Sportage is impressive in many regards. It is quite spacious for a compact SUV and provides good head and leg room for both the driver and passengers.
  • The 2017 Kia Sorento is another notable SUV from Kia. This midsize SUV has quality interior and is quite spacious. The Sorento can fit up to seven people with its optional third row seat expansion. The Sorento is a better alternative to the Sportage if you want something bigger and more powerful.
  • The 2017 Ford Edge is another SUV noted for its spacious interior. It has a spacious passenger back-seat and a lot of cargo room. Its interior design will make you mistake the Edge to be a more expensive vehicle. Aside from its impressive interior, this Midsize SUV has a sedan-like handling and is noted for its fuel efficient engine. It is powerful yet has one of the highest fuel economy for a car its size. It also has the highest safety scores, one can ensure a safe and fun drive with the 2017 Ford Edge.
  • The 2017 Honda Pilot may be a little more expensive than other SUVs in the market, but it makes up for its comfortable interior and standard V6 engine, which makes it much more powerful than its other competitors on the market. The Pilot is equipped with a bigger leg room and is user friendly. This vehicle has good safety scores and provides drivers with a lot of driver assistance features to ensure a smooth and safe drive.

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Best Business Travel Bags

Some travel bags are touted as the best but only a few are actually versatile enough to meet every business travel need out there. You want maximized space and functionality, security, and a dash of style, all worth the price you are willing to pay. Everyone probably wants to have something convenient and lightweight to carry with them as well, regardless of the destination. Now, you want to know if there is any single bag out there that has all of these characteristics. Well, look no further for here are the best business travel bags recommended by the business community.

If All You Need is Space…

Perhaps you know a neat packing hack that saves your clothes from wrinkles or you have ironing services waiting for you at your business location. Either way, if all you need is enough space for your stuff without bothering about how they are thrown in it, you may want to stick to a duffel bag. There are many types and styles that go beyond the classic gym-look nowadays. As for brands, you may want to just go for that classy leather-look of Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag.

If You Do Not Need Much Space…               

Some business trips merely last a single night. If that’s often the case for you, it’s definitely best to start thinking about ways to travel light. For a simple and compact luggage that you can hand carry on your flight, you may consider Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On or Samsonite Mightlight 2 Vertical Shopper.

If You Are Bringing Your Dress-to-Kill Wardrobe…

You need your suit or dress pressed and packed. You need to be smart and formal. Certain travel bags have already been designed to fit these needs. For wardrobe-friendly recommendations, you may try Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Deluxe Voyager. For cheaper options with similar functions, you may instead pick the Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag or the Wallybags Garment Bag.

If You Want Maximized and Multiple Functions…

Luggage types continue to evolve to meet all needs, especially in this age of globalization and travel. Sometimes, business trips may involve side leisure trips or a post-business getaway. For cases as such, you might want a modular travel bag. One advantage of a modular bag that it provides extra space when you suddenly need it. Another function is the ability to transform your luggage into another bag type depending on what you need.

For those who want to travel with a single luggage but need extra space for packages or souvenirs on the way back, do consider the EagleCreek’s Morphus Carry-on. For those who want style, there is also The Voyager Leather Set. Lastly, if you do not mind some bulk for the sake of organization, then you should check the TRUCO Travel Utility arrOn.

If You Are All About Security…

Generally, hard-sided bags are recommended for those travelling with fragile or important articles in their luggage. Just be warned that hard-sided luggage easily show signs of wear and tear. Such bags are relatively bulkier and heavier as well. If you can forgive such drawbacks, check on Delsey – particularly their Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley which has an expandable version too. Samsonite offers maneuverability together with security with their Cosmolite Facelift Suitcase Spinner as well.

If You Want To Rock a Techie Vibe…

As aforementioned, luggage types have been adapting to human travel needs. Recent developments include the incorporation of technology when possible. A carry-on of this type that is worth mentioning is the Bluesmart One. It is secure, sturdy, and gadgets-friendly especially with its GPS, remote lock, and phone charger features.

If You Are On A Budget…

Not all quality travel bags are expensive. If you remain brand-conscious despite being in a tight budget, you might want to check out the Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel. The Traveler’s Club also has an expandable, carry-on spinner worth checking out. If these two still feel like a set of limited options, you may visit eBags for cheaper alternatives instead. Also, remember to keep your eyes peeled for discounts that can score you cheaper deals.

Business trips can have varied agenda; besides, there’s no single way of handling a business trip. Each individual can differently prioritize a bag feature over another when choosing their personal best pick. Learn to evaluate a product’s capacity and features – don’t just look at its price tag. Whichever bag you stick to on your next trip, continue to pack light and just carry on!

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