Will porn be big in virtual reality?

An old adage in the porn industry says that consumers follow wherever adult entertainment goes. The success of pornography contents across all platforms, such as VHS, cable television, and the internet, shows that consumers always patronize the adult entertainment industry.

Following this trend leads one to safely assume that virtual reality can be a major hit, if not the best thing that can ever happen, to the porn industry.

This article will discuss the recent and foreseeable developments in VR porn, along with several advantages and disadvantages during its early stages today.

Recent developments in VR pornography

Since 2015, there has been a significant development in VR pornography, headed by the most prominent names in the adult entertainment industry, Naughty America and Pornhub.

Their vision for pornography for the next decade is to leap from 2D, voyeuristic type of pornography, where consumers are seen as a passive audience, towards a more subjective and interactive one. They want consumers to experience porn as a realistic and interactive medium for virtual sex where they are able to maneuver and see things the way the performer does.

VR Bangers has paved the way in creating VR-ready pornographic materials using state-of-the-art VR cameras that are able to capture the sexual intensity of the moment for the performer’s point of view.

From the consumer’s standpoint, a good VR headgear grants access to VR pornographic materials. However, not all VR-related companies are willing to let consumers use their product for VR pornography. Oculus VR has recently barred pornographic contents for the Oculus Rift to prevent potential controversial and unintended uses for their devices. However, Samsung and Google have not yet put restrictions on pornography for their respective devices.

CamSoda, another popular porn website, decided to take VR pornography a notch higher through their VR Live porn. Although there are several more limitations and hindrances when it comes to producing VR Live pornography compared to regular VR porn, they see it as a possible offshoot when the latter becomes completely developed.

The same company is also responsible for the “OhRoma” technology or “nose porn” which uses odor as a sexual stimulant for consumers. They designed a gas mask headgear installed with two canisters that performers can trigger at any point of their act. However, it is highly unlikely that the world will see nose porn develop because of the recent development of touch technology as a viable add-on to VR pornography.

With the zeal and enthusiasm of the adult entertainment in the rise of VR pornography, experts say that VR pornography will be a billion dollar industry, next to VR gaming and VR sports, by 2020.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VR Porn

Disadvantages of VR Porn:

Lack of diversity of content

Most of the recent Naughty America and VR Bangers VR porn video releases predominantly cater to straight male audiences. Statistics show that there are over 13 million American women who view porn at least once a month, and there are not enough quality videos on most of the categories that the female audience visits.

Porn Economy

The internet has over 25 million porn sites; and with nearly two decades of the 2D pornography, it will give a hard time for VR pornography to thrive economically. Basically, performers earn more from 2D porn because, unlike VR porn, it has more audience and it caters to almost anyone with an internet connection.

Complicated setup

This is a disadvantage for the VR porn viewers because of the time and effort needed for full immersion in the material. Simply put, the setup is just not worth it for people looking for instant and quick pleasure.

Initial experience

For first timers in VR technology, the experience can be slightly disorienting—even more so in VR porn. For most people who view porn secretly, it can be hard to split one’s focus between VR reality and outside reality.

Advantages of VR Porn:

Hardware compatibility

Most VR technologies used in virtual reality games and sports require top-end gear for fluid performance. VR porn, however, only requires a high quality headgear and high definition adult video for consumers to enjoy.

Intimacy and immersion

VR porn provides the intimacy and immersion that no other video format can provide. Many people have already foreseen VR porn since the discussion of virtual reality technologies came into forum discussions. Now, it has become a reality, and people say that one will not go back to 2D porn after experiencing the reality of VR porn.

Fulfilling deep sexual fantasies

VR porn gives consumers the chance to experience their deep sexual fantasies or explore and experiment with their sexuality in virtual reality. In this sense, VR porn can be liberating for people who have unresolved curiosities about sex.


Overall, VR porn has a long way to go to achieve the popularity and prevalence of conventional 2D pornography. However, it is impossible to deny the possibility that VR porn will take the world by storm as soon as the adult entertainment industry figures out how to give the best and most enticing virtual experience to its consumers. Dating apps started to take strides into VR. Nude Teens App which is the #1 app for naked teens and teen ass have started implementing VR into their platform. It’s a fee app that lets you receive unlimited teen nudes and teen chat from many local sexy teens. Once VR is more compatible, you’ll surely see this industry change.